Writing a Press Release

Press releases for books and movies are a bit different from those produced for the business world. The purpose of the author’s or agent’s press release is to immediately attract the reviewer’s interest and hold it until he has read the entire page. These are short, typically one-page or less, typically without photos or illustrations, and depend on the power of the words to compel the reader onwards as he learns about the key features of the novel, screenplay, or movie; and only incidentally about the author who wrote it or the firm that produced it. If the press release reads too much like an ad for the author or production company, it looses power, waste the reviewer’s time, and is likely to be immediately tossed.

The following release about my novel fits nicely on one page and with a little attention to typology can make a handsome document that will attract attention and tell the reviewer exactly what he or she needs to know while provoking curiosity about the novel.

Quantum Discovery 

Announces new Sicilian Adventure-Romance 

Bravery, blood, and bullets mixed with lust and love are features of Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins when a Louisiana family’s vacation in Sicily turns deadly when they arrive on Monday and are informed that their two sons are to be married on Friday or none will leave the island alive. A potential Mafia war has caused Luigi, The Claw, to want to get his daughter and niece out of the country, and a chance visit of this American family with unattached sons provides the opportunity to send them to the United States. Frank, a divorced Marine Captain with PTSD and his failing artist brother, Roger, agree to wed “two of the fairest flowers of the island” and accept 100,000 euros a year to support their new brides They have second thoughts when they discover they are marrying into one of the most powerful Mafia families in Sicily. As they visit Sicily’s historic sites, they are attacked by a rival mob. Wanting out, they accept a plan hatched by an Irish priest and their gay uncle to be seen by their prospective brides naked in bed with two gay strippers in hopes that the women will call off the wedding.  This wedding has also captured the attention of the FBI and the Italian Anti-Mafia Association who are watching the situation to possibly prevent a union between American and Sicilian Mafia families. Lust ultimately yields to love, and the Americans agree to continue with the wedding, however brief their wedded lives might be.  

Prize winning author Wm. Hovey Smith is a Professional Geologist noted for his 20 outdoor and business books. He developed this novel after five years of research including a trip to Sicily where he gathered much of the information used in the novel. He employs his knowledge of geology, architecture, art, history, business, and the outdoor world to create a novel that not only tells an appealing story, but also highlights Sicily’s 3,000 years of history and culture. He has also completed a screenplay which is being marketed to Hollywood.  

Quantum Discovery aids authors in self-publishing and marketing their books to traditional publishers, TV, and movie industries. For additional information contact agent Calvin Frost.  

                                                                                                Quantum Discovery 

                                                                                                501 W. Broadway, Suite 800 

                                                                                                San Diego, CA 29101 

                                                                                                (888) 755-6875 

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